You have video equipment (small camcorder, digital camera or DSLR that can film) and you want to learn how to manage it, to capture in a better way your personal events (family activities, sports performance of your children, holidays ...) and learn how to manage the image and make an editing to share your experiences or keep them in memory ... this workshop is for you!
Indeed, this is possible thanks to free softwares like iMovie on a Mac or Windows Movie Maker on PC.

This is actually not easy to manage the video without having been initiated, my 11 years as an editor in differents Parisian productions will help me to give you some essential tips.


Workshop content:
- Some theory: what is an image?
Introduction to digital video using instructional videos.
- Filming with your own equipment to help you manage it better.
- Post-production: digitalise images by the interface that you want to use (iMovie or Windows Media), editing, sound workt (adding music), export and copie the file on a DVD to watch it on a DVD player or on a computer.


Program :
4 evenings (4 x 3 hours): + 1 evening  of theory + instructional video, 1 evening of filming, 2 evenings  of post-production
On a weekend (9am-12am / 1pm-5pm) : 1/2 day of theory + instructional video, 1/2 day of filming, 1 post-production day


Location :

Evenings sessions and weekends are possible in Tønsberg and up to 30km around Tonsberg.
Weekends are possible throughout the Vestfold and Oslo.

At home or at my office: I can come to you with my PC or Mac laptop or the workshop may be held at my office in Tolvsrød
Workshop can be individual or in groups if you use the same editing interface.



500€ or 4200NOK